Exclusive service, tailored experiences

Esto es Vida Properties is dedicated to the management and marketing of short-term rental properties in Puerto Rico. We are a company registered under the Puerto Rico state department and our vision and mission is to make accommodations 100% profitable so that our clients can recover their investment in a short time.

We know perfectly well the qualities that a client looks for when booking a short-term rental accommodation, which is why our work begins with a study of the market for your property and then takes your vision to a higher level based on to our experience and years of service with our clients.

Our President and Founder

Mr. Adalberto Martínez, has vast experience in the rental properties industry, for more than 10 years Esto es Vida Properties has been dedicated to organizing vacations for tourists from all over the world in Puerto Rico, clients from Germany , India, Italy, Colombia and the United States have been just some of the countries that have visited our hostelries.

We are a real estate company, completely dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients. Your property deserves to be in the hands of experts.